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RegenEffects cares not only about ending your physical pain but also about helping to end suffering in communities worldwide. This is why we support charitable causes to aid people in third world countries to better their lives.

In many countries worldwide, people do not have access to clean water, food, education, and acceptable shelter. RegenEffects works with many partners to offer opportunity and change the lives of underprivileged people.

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Where Our Money Goes

In order to do good, you must understand the problems. There are 4 main issues we have decided to address that seek to fix problems as described in the United Nations sustainable development goals.

  • 80%

    In affected areas, up to 80% of pipelines are unclean, containing viral pathogens and bacteria. RegenEffects works with companies to provide infrastructure with clean water.

  • Shelter

    Millions of people around the world live in damaged or unsuitable living spaces, lacking the appropriate shelter to live a healthy life. RegenEffects uses various partners to build innovative dwelling solutions to ensure durable and affordable shelter.

  • Education

    In 2017, over 262 million children were out of school, and lack of education is one of the many causes for extreme poverty. RegenEffects connects children to teachers by working with NGOs.

  • Food

    Over 821 million people, or 1 in 9 people, were undernourished in 2017, and this number is rising. RegenEffects helps non-profits in ensuring food sent overseas is received by the intended recipients.