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Bodily Pain

Cellular therapy can help heal tendon, ligament and muscle injuries such as in the rotator cuff, Tennis Elbow, etc. The therapy can overcome the effects of degenerative arthritis such as worn off cartilage in joints. Invasive joint replacements and other surgeries can be delayed or avoided through cellular therapy, which offers you potential long lasting pain relief and recovery of range of motion through decreased inflammation, and new tissue growth.

Emotional Pain

Severe or chronic pain over many years can understandably be a traumatic experience. Cellular therapy offers patients a renewed hope and a possibility to reclaim their quality of life. The non-invasive nature of cellular therapy, relative to surgery, limits patients’ inflammation risks after treatment, taking opioid need out of the picture.

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The RegenEffects Difference


Wharton’s Jelly

Wharton’s Jelly, one of the latest cellular therapies, has seen major progress in recent years. Wharton’s Jelly is most known to modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation and secrete factors that may contribute to the regeneration of various tissues throughout the body.

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Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid is under‐utilized and offers a wide array of structural proteins, growth factors and other regenerative components to boost your body’s ability to heal. Its biological functions are protection, nourishment and support, all essential to the body’s ability to heal.

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Platelet-rich Plasma

Plasma is a colorless fluid and is the means of circulation for red and white blood cells and platelets throughout the body. PRP has the ability to coagulate and act out other bodily healing functions such as the reduction of pain. It reduces the need for anti-inflammatories or stronger and riskier medications such as opioids.

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Cusomized treatment
for every patient

  • Customized Therapy

    With accompany each of our patients through a pristine screening process, ensuring we prescribe them the right treatment and the right dosage.

  • Complete Stem Protocol

    We guarantee you comprehensive quality treatments that adhere to stem therapy guidelines and requirements, while explaining our process every step of the way . We understand that a completely transparent and supportive medical procedures coupled with our one of a kind practice will help reinforce cellular therapy treatment’s place in medicine.

  • Best Possible Outcome

    Our team’s commitment to excellent service and results makes all the difference. We work from start to finish to guarantee you relief from pain and discomfort, making sure to address all the root causes of your ailment.